A Handmade Life

About me

Hi, I’m Krista Robbins.

I come from a family of crafty, artsy people. My mother paints beautiful pictures and my walls are filled with incredible paintings of my kids. My great-grandma was an aspiring artist with dreams of art school but with the beginning of World War I, she went to work and channeled her art into knitting, sewing, and mosaics among other things. My sister sews, paints, makes rugs, and every kid craft you can think of. I dabbled in all kinds of things but my passion lies in home arts – sewing & quilting, cooking, soap making and I like to stay busy!

I began quilting in 2004 and was hooked with my very first quilt. I’m a very practical person and quilting to me combined creativity with practicality in creating useful things. Most of my quilts have been of my own design, which led to writing patterns so I could recreate the quilt or share the pattern with others. I love designing quilts and making patterns for many reasons, but the best part is seeing the quilts others make from my patterns, seeing their vision.

My sewing includes pillows and placemats and bags and aprons but I’d love to get into some clothing sewing as well. I love to do embroidery and am learning to do some hand stitching with a Hexi quilt project. I also love to crochet and am learning to knit.

I was a late bloomer to cooking, gardening, and home arts. When I got married, I had a brown thumb with plants and could only cook only three things. Through a lot of trial and error, I learned to cook and discovered I really enjoyed it, especially learning to make things from scratch, or recreate something we had out somewhere.

Gardening naturally followed with my love of fresh herbs, hot peppers, and tomatoes. I hope to venture into growing more when we have the space.

This blog is my online creative journal. I hope you find inspiration here!

Thanks for stopping by! – Krista

When I’m not sewing, you’ll find me with my family.