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Lasagna has been a Christmas tradition of ours since the beginning. First, because it’s delicious and also probably because when Tom and I started out, it was one of the few things I actually knew how to make.

My first lasagnas were different than now. For starters, they didn’t have meat. I also didn’t make my own marinara, and honestly, some years, depending on what’s going on and how much time I have, I will use jarred marinara.

Over time, as I learned to cook, I changed it up. I added meat, did the homemade marinara, and increased the amount of layers. That’s one thing that is fun with lasagna, is you can easily change things up, as long as you have enough sauce and cheese! Add some spinach, some vegetables, a different kind of meat or none at all. You can add taco seasoning to your meat, substitute some cheddar, and add some jalapenos, maybe some corn and black beans, and make it a little Tex Mex, if you want to spice things up! It isn’t a cheap dish and certainly isn’t good for the waistline, so I really only make it once a year.

For Christmas, though, every year, we do a classic, extra cheesy lasagna. I normally make it for Christmas Eve dinner with fresh made bread, roasted garlic and olive oil, and a big salad. Christmas Day, we normally have brunch with family, and then for dinner — left over lasagna! This year, our Christmas plans with family were rescheduled for later in January due to Covid, so we have extra lasagna to freeze for later. I may start making an extra to freeze in meal portion sizes. It freezes up great. To serve later, I defrost in the fridge, heat up in the microwave, and serve with extra sauce and parmesan.

I know you’ll love it!

Extra Cheesy Classic lasagna.