Historically, I haven’t decorated for Halloween. It was just never my thing. Our kids dressed up and went trick or treating and we always passed out candy, but our only decoration was a plug in pumpkin we got from Walmart when the kids were little.

I looked at my porch last week walking in from getting the mail. The concrete needs a scrub but beyond that what I noticed was our faded chair cushions and grill cover and empty flower pots the deer got to. So I decided to do something about it but it had to be cheap and quick!

First, I took white kitchen trash bags and doubled them up. I drew ghost faces.on with sharpies and then put them over the pots, securing them under the pots.and tucking the corners in.

Next, I took 2 black lawn and leaf bags and cut off one edge each and then sewed them together with my sewing machine to make an extra wide bag. I cut two slits on top and sewed in fleece triangles for ears. Finally, I painted on a nose, whiskers and eyes with acrylic craftpaint. You could probably use black duck tape if you don’t want to sew.

To finish it up, I bought some 2.99 clearance fall fabric, 4 yards. I put it right sides together and sewed a 4 yard long tube. Then I divided it into three tubes and sewed the top edge. Next, I turned them right side out and slipped over each cushion. I folded.the bottom like the end of a Christmas gift and pinned in place.on the bottom of the chair. Finally I pinned twine in the 4 spots you normally find ties and used it to tie to the chair.

It was quick, fun, and super cheap and I love how it turned out.

If you do any of these, I’d love to see them! Post them and tag me, @fourrobbins, on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

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