A number of years ago, Riley Blake fabric company had a fabric challenge. They provided quilt quilts with a number of fat quarters free and asked quilters to follow the guidelines to make a quilt or project for their challenge. My Bright Spots quilt came from that fun challenge..

We had to use only Riley Blake prints but we could use any solids. I tend to run more modern traditional in my quilt designs and preferences, but I stepped a little outside the box on this one. I had no idea what I was going to do so I hit the internet for some inspiration. I ended up looking at bathroom tiles and really liked the look of these and the alternating columns.

I added some lighter gray along with some black to give it a little more interest.

The biggest challenge for me was the circles, cutting them out and getting the edges turned under and still keeping a perfect looking circle. I can’t tell you how many circles I cut and pressed to get them looking right! Now, I have an Olfa circle cutter, which I love. It cuts out perfect circles every time and you can adjust your circle size. It is awesome! I machine stitched my circles down and left them unquilted.

I really wanted to step up my game on my quilting and all these different colors and areas was a good way to practice some free motion quilting. First up, I wanted to do pebbles. Since they take a crazy long time, I decided to do pebbles only in the white areas since it was the smallest. They turned out so good, if I say so myself, but they do seem to take forever.

I did fun swirls in the light gray tiles. I always like free motion quilting swirls.

And just a tip that helps me – whenever I want to free motion quilt a design, I practice it first by drawing it over and over on a piece of paper. It gives me the feel of the shape or pattern and kind of creates a muscle memory. Then when you go to practice it on your machine, it almost feels familiar and I find it much easier. Then, I practice it on a small quilt sandwich before I take it to my quilt. I learned so much from the book Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters .Β I also likeΒ Free Motion Meandering,Β and Shape by Shape, and Shape by Shape 2. Another really awesome resource is 365 Free Motion Quilting by Leah Day.

Sorry for the wacky lighting on this one. I had to do some photo adjustment so you could see the black and dark grey blocks better. For the black tiles, I did just “organic” straight lines. I tried to get them super straight but that is really a weak spot in my quilting talent. I need more practice doing straight line quilting.

I did some free motion squares on the dark tiles just turning and turning every so often.

This was a fun quilt to make. It really challenged me to try some new things and to step out of the familiar and stretch my skills.

Here it is getting ready to go to St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild‘s first quilt show back in 2017.

And hanging in the show!

Well, that’s all I have on this one! I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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