Quite a while back I made a T-Shirt quilt for Andi. With such a big collection of t-shirts, what kind of quilt to make was a no brainer.

The t-shirt blocks were all different sizes and when I cut out the blocks they were all different widths. I decided to do something a little different and use them all anyway rather than the traditional grid of blocks. My first step was to back each block with Pellon 911 interfacing. It is adhesive and irons right on. This helps the blocks to not stretch out while you are sewing.

I decided to use Kona cotton in all different colors. I cut 2 inch strips out of each color I was using and lined each block with different colors. I laid out all my blocks until I got a layout that I liked, centering the blocks in each column.

Next, I measured my largest block in each column and add the appropriate width black strip on either side of each block in the column. I then joined the blocks using 1-1/4″ strip between each block. I added black to the top and bottom of each column to make them the same height. Then I joined each column using a 1-1/4″ sashing strips. I finished the top by adding black sashing on left and right edges to finish at my desired width.

I did make one mistake but did not discover it until my columns were all done — and that is my left column was NOT the same length as the rest! That’s what you get from improv sometimes. I had bought some Cotton + Steel Paper fabric, Bandana Panda Bebe, and had wanted to use it somehow because Andi’s nickname has always been Panda (from Andy Panda). Well, my friend Joanna, @quiltamomma, had just taught me how to do needle turn applique and I had ended up with a big black rectangle there in the bottom left so I added his name. We’ll just pretend I meant to do that (wink wink). Then I finished it off music fabric for the backing and Dr. Who fabric for the binding and did a loopy meander for the quilting.

I love how it turned out!