I’ve had a couple people ask me how to do these improv flying geese, or as I like to call them, wandering geese.

They really are pretty easy to do if you can sew a straight line and have some basic paper piecing skills.

First, determine the width and length of your block and cut your piece of paper accordingly. If you want to do a strip, cut out multiple strips of the same width. Second, I like to cut a template of the size and shape triangle I want to use.

Determine placement of your first triangle and using pencil, trace onto your template. Continue across block or strip alternating the direction of your geese.

Next, draw a horizontal line along the bottom of each triangle.

Then, choosing the side that makes the shortest, most direct path to the line about, draw a line from the goose to the line.

Mark your template so you know which order to sew what.

I like to fold each line before hand so it’s easier when I’m sewing.

Begin paper piecing. Be sure to stitch only the bottom edge of the triangle and not all the way across the block.

Also, your background fabric needs to cover all the way up to the line above (bottom of the next flying goose and NOT just the top of the goose triangle.

For this, I did four and a half strips to make the right border for this quilt.

I hope this makes sense. If you have any question, please let me know!

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