How to start a blog post right now in 2021? It feels a little frivolous to post about crafts and hobbies, but for me, creating is therapeutic. When I am working on things, I can put all my feelings into it, and sometimes the things I make are being made to show love and care to others. So I’m going to keep at it because I need it.

Last year was rough all around. There was so much fear and pain and frustration and anger and loss with us and all over the world. And so many things changed. We also had a few good things. Tom had both his hips replaced, one in February and one in August. It’s hard to believe watching him now when we walk our dogs that this time a year ago he had difficulty walking to the other room and was living with chronic pain. He worked so hard through his physical therapy and is moving around better than ever. Andi was accepted into and begins the nursing program this semester. Sam started college and is doing really well with school. We got a new puppy, Gracie, who is super energetic and has really gotten us moving!

For me, I went back to school to work toward a career change. It has been exciting and has kept me really busy. I wasn’t able to spend as much time creating as I would have liked last year, but I did manage to make some fun things!

I have a quite a few pillow patterns but these Valentine Pillows are my favorites of the bunch and live on my couch most of the time. You can find the patterns for these pillows here to make some for yourself!

And of course, like all of you, made some masks.

I did some bee blocks for my Sew Bee It quilting bee friends. I sure miss being able to meet with them all in person! I also have a handful I need to catch up on this month!

I joined in with some Sashiko sewalong fun with @surrur_sunday and @amandalovestocreate on Instagram. These coasters are still on my WIP list.

But I did finish a couple cute bags as well!

I made some fun drawstring bags for goodies. They are super quick and so cute. You can find a tutorial and make your own here!

I also made a valentines day version of my Flying Home quilt pattern. I love this pattern and making 8 half-square triangles at a time makes this quilt a very quick make! You can find the pattern 40% off now through Valentines day!

I made a Sew Kind of Wonderful Metro Hoops quilt. The fabrics are Kona white and red cottons and April Rosenthal‘s All Weather Friend. I love how it turned out and I really enjoyed making it. Sew Kind of Wonderful’s pattern instructions were very clear. This quilt was gifted to someone special.

With the left over All Weather Friend fabrics, I made a free pattern by by Happy Zombie called Lawnchair Quilt. I used Essex Linen for the backing fabric. I love how it turned out. It’s one of my favorites. The linen background really makes it.

I also put out a new quilt pattern, Pinwheel Star. My friend and neighbor was nice enough to hold my quilt for some photos. This was also a quick quilt to make. I used white Kona and Mister Domestic‘s Loved to Pieces fabric line. The link above will take you to a digital copy. If you’d like a paper pattern, let me know. This quilt was also gifted to someone special.

I also started working on a large version of Sew Kind of Wonderful’s Metro Rings Quilt for our daughter, Angela. I’m suing a light gray and darker gray Kona cottons and two neutral jelly rolls including a Blueberry Park Neutrals by Karen Lewis.

I did a little home sewing by making some cushions for our patio table. I just kind of winged it with these making upper and lower cushions and adding ties. I used an outdoor fabric to make it last longer.

I also participated/am still participating in a Traveling Quilt Bee. This has been fun. Each person makes a starter block and sets their theme, color, style parameters. Then each person in the been takes a turn and adds to your quilt. This was the first I worked on for my friend Gayle. I added the top, bottom, and sides. Gayle’s quilt parameters had to do with color and styles.

Next was Annie’s quilt. I added the left column and the bottom with the bear paw prints. Annie’s parameters were our interpretations of her travels she had taken.

Finally, I added the top and bottom rows to Marie’s quilt. Marie’s parameters were more classic style blocks and using her Cotton and Steel fabric collection.

I have two more quilts to work on and will share them when I finish!

I also did a little crocheting and finished this Earl Gray Wrap by Two of Wands. Alexandra has some gorgeous knit and crochet patterns.

Finally, I made a quick tree skirt and extra large stockings with some fleece I had on hand. I didn’t really use any patterns. For the skirt, I cut a large circle. I folded it into qurters and cut out a center circle and then cut along the radius I bound all the edges with left over binding from Tom’s quilt from a few years ago.

For the stockings, I taped together some printer paper and then traced a stocking. I cut out the stocking way bigger then the outline and just stitched up wrong side. I folded the top over twice and top stitched and added a wired ribbon for the loop to hang them up.

I also got into a little cake baking and decorating. I have so much to learn but it has been fun. Here are a few of my yummy creations.

Anyway, that’s about it for my creative round up. Now, to finish planning out my projects for this year!

Have a great day!