It was so much fun celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas with these amazing ornaments by MMM Crafts — or I should more correctly say…. the days after Christmas!

I had seen these beautiful ornaments just before Christmas 2020. Each one is so beautifully designed and detailed by Larissa Holland at and her patterns are for purchase in her etsy shop.

On Larissa’s website is the comprehensive list of supplies you will need to make your 12 Days Ornaments along with color guides and everything else you need to know. You’ll want to decide on your colors so you can order either one of the color bundles that Benzie Designs has of the beautiful wool felt or choose your own colors. You’ll also need the floss and the Notions Bundle. I’ll be honest. I did look around locally in combination with Amazon to see if I could get everything cheaper but nope. The notions bundle is a deal and don’t forget the fiberfill! You will also need one additional pack of the 8.5 x 11 printable Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy because 2 of the series have two pages of pieces you will need to print, for a total of 14 pages, and the packs only contain 12 pages.

I used cellophane envelopes and made a little kit for each ornament with the pattern pieces and notions needed to make each one as well as the color guide for each ornament from mmmcrafts. That way I could grab an ornament and my floss and work away. Larissa’s guides take you through each step in detail.

Then you’re ready to assemble the pieces into the adorable ornaments you see below!

Once you get all your supplies, it’s time to get everything organized and prepared. The first step is preparing your wool felt. You need to rinse each piece in warm water and then allow to dry. It will shrink a bit and you want to have that happen before you start cutting out your pattern pieces. You can hang to dry on a line or lay flat. I put some thick towels on our table and after gently squeezing out all the water from the sheet, I smoothed each one out and let dry over night on top of the towels.

While my felt was drying, I printed out all my patterns and put them in a three ring binder to keep them organized. Then I copied each sheet of the pattern pieces onto a sheet of the Sticky Fabri-Solvy. Once the felt was dry, I cut out the pieces for one ornament at a time, affixing the sticky fabri-solvy pieces to the colors I had chosen and cut them out.

Once the pieces have been embroidered, you rinse them under warm water to rinse away the Sticky Fabri-Solvy and let them dry.

This project was outside of my wheelhouse and not something I would normally choose to do but they were so exquisitely detailed and pretty, I just couldn’t resist and I’m so glad I didn’t! They patterns were written so well and so thoroughly that they were easy to follow and each ornament was just so fun to make! So much fun, I’m prepping another set!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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